Ammon of Weather Top

An Old Man. But Old like Oak, harder and tougher than steel


To be born a peasant in one of the less hospitable areas of Stormlands means your life is not like to be easy, and so it was for young Ammon. Through 15 years of serious hard work he managed to gain the status of freeman and was finally providing decently for his wife and children, until his children died of flux and his wife ran off with troops from a neighboring noble. Always a appearing a stotic and practical man, Amon decided to join a mercenary company rather than start all over again.

His travels eventually brought him to Kings Landing and never being great at planning his next steps has found himself in service to the less reputable men. His reputation for calmly negotiating with his fists and tight lips has seen him assigned to protecting his employers investment in the parties brothel.

When off duty Ammon has not shown much of an interest with the ladies of his brothel but has been a steady and reclusive consistent drinker.

Though not a skilled sword fighter nor a very motivated one, once he sets his mind on something his utter determination and inability to give up can make him a dangerous foe.

Ammon of Weather Top

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