Thy Wet Companion

So Far..

Two young Northern Nobles finish their ward-ships in the River lands. Having not been called upon by their fathers, they took the opportunity to explore the south and it’s capital, King’s Landing.

On the road, William accidentally found himself the ‘Champion’ of a young Noble who’d quarrelled with Bran Stark. William met Stark in combat, but lost. He survived thanks to his heroic companions (he means the now named pup muncher came to his aid)

After much healing and snooping the two norther Nobles made it to Kings Landing and set about discussing how to make there fortune. Bran all ways the one for big idea came up with the idea of a brothel as there sure firer way of making them rich and then left the heavy think to William. after smoothing talking a local Busisness man named Giny to support them the Noble son opened up “Southern Field”and slowly over a year William built it in to a favorable enterprise.

But even miles away and a year with out contact family duty can still finding you and Bran father sent a message calling on Bran to go do buisness for him at strong-song in the veil. So of went the young companions drawn but duty to family and friend ship, they travelled to strong-song not knowing what they would have to do or what business would be required of them.


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